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Our Vision

We envision a strong network that advocates for the inclusion and meaningful participation of RLOs and refugees at decision-making tables and in policymaking processes on matters affecting their day-to-day lives. This way, we speak "with one voice" when advocating for refugee rights and interests.

Our Mission

Our daily mission is to influence policymakers and donors through advocacy to generate meaningful service provision. We continuously work on strength-ening our network to achieve the participation of RLOs at decision-making tables and in policy-making processes.



We believe in fairness and equal treatment of all.


We believe in providing equal access to opportunities and resources for RLOs without marginalization of any kind.


We believe in openness, accountability and accessibility.


We believe in responsibility for all actions and fairness in the provision of services to the members.


We believe in honesty and have strong moral principles as we carry out our activities across the region.


We believe in interaction with others, sharing of information and collaboration.

Our Core Mandate

Our core mandate at RELON-Kenya is to advocate for refugee participation and inclusion at all decision-making tables and in policymaking processes at all levels. Embracing the principle of equality, we strive to ensure that every voice, regardless of background or origin, is not only heard but valued and given equal weight in shaping the policies that impact us all. By championing equality, we work towards creating a more just and inclusive society where every individual, including refugees, is recognized as an integral part of the collective effort to build a better future.

Who we are

RELON-Kenya is a national network of RLOs in Kenya registered with the registrar of societies. RELON-Kenya exists to unite the Refugee-Led Organizations (RLOs) in Kenya, and link them with opportunities, ideas and funding, as well as provide a platform for the RLOs to network amongst themselves, and with potential partners and stakeholders (at national, regional, and global levels).

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Our Work

RELON-Kenya was founded to serve as an umbrella organization for refugee-ed organizations active in Kenya. This way RELON-Kenya serves as a vehicle for the greater representation of refugees in national and global decision-making processes. This includes developmental, humanitarian and political sectors. We exist to assist RLOs in advocacy, research and capacity-building measures.

POLICY DIALOGUES & ADVOCACY at the national, regional and global level

RELON-KENYA pursues policy dialogue and advocacy that aims to amplify refugees' voices, increases participation, and includes refugees & RLOs at decision-making tables.


We are building the capacity of RLOs, enhance their skills, and facilitate continuous capacity strengthening programs for RLOs to effectively participate in decision-making pro-cesses. The goals of RELON-Kenya is to equip well-developed RLOs with the capacity to advocate and participate in decision-making processes in Kenya and elsewhere.

COORDINATION & PARTNERSHIP  at the national, regional and global level.

RELON-KENYA aims to strengthen co-ordination among RLOs, establish and maintain strong partnerships, and pro-mote linkages for infor-mation sharing and access to opportunities.

NETWORKING - gaining new members and strengthening our networks.

We aim to strengthen our network with the help of sustainable gover-nance. RELON-Kenya aims to establish a national secretariat in Kenya to facilitate net-working and gain new members, which will enhance the visibility and branding of RELON-Kenya.

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Our Brochure

To find out more about RELON-Kenya, our work and the situation refugees in Kenya find themselves in, download our current brochure below.


Where we work

Since the establishment of RELON-Kenya we were able to connect 148 RLOs active in six locations all over the country. 

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Mombasa County

Dadaab Refugee Camp

Kakuma Refugee Camp/Kalobeyei

Nakuru County