Legal Aid Clinic & Mental Health And Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

RELON-Kenya conducts legal and psychosocial assistance in partnership with International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) to cab the gap and to build/strengthen the capacity of the refugee community in the goal of  addressing some of the legal and psychosocial challenges that persons from the refugee community face in their day to day lives. The major focus in the legal department is facilitating the child custody cases through litigation, which interlock with the gender related matters.

Our team from the legal aid clinic and the MHPSS offer a variety of programs: 

Paralegal Training

  • RELON-Kenya has taken the initiative to train refugee leaders as paralegals

  • Paralegals act as community navigators by assisting refugees in acquiring the basic fundamental rights. 
  • Community paralegals assist other fellow refugees on legal matters affecting their day to day lives.

Community Outreach

  • The legal department in conjunction with psychosocial department conducts community outreach sensitization forums, screening, refer which is meant to sensitize and address the community on their rights and obligations in the country of asylum.

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Family re-unification

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  • RELON-Kenya initiates a direct referral pathway with IRAP and collaborate with other like-minded partners on family re-unification as a complementary pathway for resettlement.

Individual Counseling

There is a growing need for support as mental health issues increasingly affect the refugees who have fled their country of origin. This birthed the psychosocial expertise RELON-Kenya is trying to address.

  • We provide of one-on-one individual counseling and educate on the topic of mental health awareness during legal aid clinics.

  • During the awareness forums, the clients are taught on basic stress management skills, GBV referral system and what one can do as a first respondent before being provided counseling services.

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